The Kids Who Could Fly



This project was a fantastic challenge with a great outcome. The idea came from Colenso BBDO as an ambient promotion for a book release. The book was about kids who could fly and the aim of this creative was to provide a 6m x 6m printout on the ground that people could stand in front of and feel like they were looking through a trapdoor above Auckland City. I went to the top of the ANZ tower and took a lot of shots looking from this vantage point high above the other buildings. Then I joined the shots and set about creating an image where all lines of perspective had to either be squared up or come back towards the viewers eye point. A big retouching job to do this with lots of testing. Best of all it worked very well when we put it into Aotea Square for the public to see.

IMG_0698_REt_With-edge IMG_0201 IMG_0083